Forest fires

A forest fire is the fire that spreads uncontrollably in ...

Link with the Community

The specific area of services of the Fire Department is fire fighting ...


The rescue of the body, also known as lifeguard ...

Vehicle Rescue

Currently, in several places in the country, health services ...

Prehospital care

Prehospital medicine is a subspecialty of Medicine ...

Structural Fires

Among the main causes of these fires are the ...

Face your fears in order to achieve what you dream ...


¿Qué es un flujo piroclástico?

En la emergencia del Volcán de fuego en Guatemala, algunos comentan...

¿Qué hacer en caso de un incendio?

What to do in case of a fire?

Fire drills at school are an important part ...

¿Qué hacer ante un SISMO?

What to do before an earthquake?

Keep calm. Do not despair and, in spite of the panic, take a few minutes ...

Evitar incidentes con G.L.P.

Avoid incidents with G.L.P.

Do you know how you can avoid incidents with GLP in your home?

El tragantamiento en niños

Swallowing in children

As the baby grows it acquires the ability to move, to turn ...

¿Qué son las quemaduras?

What are burns?

Burn is a skin lesion due to contact or exposure ...

Manejo y uso de Extintores

Handling and use of Fire Extinguishers

It is an apparatus that contains an extinguishing agent or substance that can be projected

Uso y manejo de G.L.P.

Use and management of G.L.P.

GLP is a mixture of propane and butane gases, it is colorless and painless.